Unlike every other NFT, UNITY NFT CARDS 

are free to mint… and have real utilities

The Unity NFT Cards are a Collection 
of 7777 Unique Cards. 

They are sexy as hell… but you’ve already heard stuff like this too often. 

Random collections pushed by paid mercenaries, cash grab and crashing floor price.

So, Why Do These Cards Exist Anyway ?

We know that you all love to speculate on Jpeg files with monkeys, punks, dogs or whatever crazy things some degenerate minds come up with…


And we do too.

(you have no idea how much!)


But that’s NOT why these Unity NFT cards exist.


These cards serve a purpose.


They open the gate to the UNITY PROJECT.


So, what is Unity you might ask ?


In a nutshell:

“Unity is maybe one of the most ambitious 

Platform Launches on the Blockchain in 2021”

Useful Project. Real Tech. Doxxed Team.

Unity is a cross-chain platform that connects creators, influencers and entrepreneurs with their community.


Unity Project is the ready-to-use platform to tokenize communities and creations. We’re at the crossroads between content creators, influencers, ecommerce store owners and multiple blockchains. 


We help them build their crypto-ecosystem: membership space, online store – and get their community on board.


According to specialists, social tokens and community tokens are “the next big thing” in crypto:

Learn more about Unity Here :

Unity Cards are your Access Cards to the Unity Ecosystem… and the Unity Private Presale 

Our NFT cards will offer 6 key benefits to holders.

1 Priority access to the presale

2 Voting rights and governance 

3 Early access to new features

4 Reduced fees

5 Boosted staking rewards

6 Access to a private community

The 7777 NFT cards are on the POLYGON blockchain.

It’s literally your only chance to join the Unity project and the Unity Token Private presale. 


And to make the deal even sweeter:

The Easiest 400% Return on 

Investment You Can Do ? 

“It’s literally a no-brainer”

The ICO of Unity will be launched soon.


Between the private presale for NFT holders and the public ICO we will multiply the price by 4.


Possibly times 4 on your investment in a matter of weeks.


Without having to do anything. $500 turning into $2000.

For each NFT card you hold.

By the way:

We don’t offer Private Presales or Early Access for VCs, “pump and dump” Influencers or Business Angels.

Unity is a community project and community comes first.


Especially the community of holders fast and smart enough to grab one (or several) of these NFT Cards.

And the Cards most likely 

won’t see their Floor Price Crash 

72 hours after Mint. Why ?

Short answer: staking on steroids.


Long answer: Because the more you hold some of these NFT cards, the higher the reward for the Unity token you own and hold.

Let’s Get Back to Our Cards 

(because they are crazy HOT…  and actually useful) 

The Unity Cards are an under-the-radar collection of only 7777 unique cards. 

Each card gives you access to the following benefits :

▸   Priority access to the presale : NFT holders can buy Unity tokens before the public launch at a lower price!

▸   Voting rights and governance : You get a say in the next decisions of the platform, and will ultimately shape the future of Unity.

▸   Early access to new features : Gain access to the Token Genesis, the NFT Printer and much, much more… Before everyone else!

▸   Reduced fees : You will automatically pay lower fees on all tools of the platform. Perfect for creators and influencers!

▸   Boosted staking reward : Enjoy better stacking rewards just by holding the NFT in your wallet!

▸   Access to a private community : Connect with like-minded individuals and get tips and tricks from the community.

But Not All Cards Are Created Equal…

▸   Some cards will give you the ability to buy 10x more Unity tokens than the average card.

▸   Some will offer better “staking” rewards.

▸   And some will give you a higher voting power on community decisions.


And we have also hidden features that will only be disclosed in 2022 and 2023. 

Information about rarity will only be disclosed on the Discord.

And since you’re here…


ONE card will give you NOTHING!

(Surprise Motherfucker)

Just for fun… one of the 7777 cards will give you access to NOTHING.


You have one chance out of 7777 of getting screwed!


This is our way to thank the bots that will try to snipe the project.


Needless to say that this card will be very unique… and scarce.


May the odds be on your side.

The Unity Cards Roadmap

And because Unity is a community-focused project:

Minimum Viable Hype

Whitelist Mint

Public Mint


Unity Token Private Presale

Q Can I invest in the Unity Token Presale without an NFT?



Q How many NFTs are available?

Collection has a total of 7777 unique NFT cards


Q Where can I get one?

Cards are available on Opensea at a floor price of 0.068 ETH (on the POLYGON blockchain).


Q What is exactly the Unity Project? The Unity token tokenomics? And the roadmap?

Check our official website.


Q Why 7777?

Lucky number 7, my friend.


Q How much of Unity Token can I buy with one NFT?

Each NFT will give you a purchasing power of at least $500. Rare NFTs will give you up to $5000. And 1 NFT will give… nothing!