Build Anything 

on the Blockchain Without Any Coding. 

Unity Project lets anyone build whatever they want on the blockchain of their choice without the need of a developer or any technical skills. We call it “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS) and it’s designed for creators, influencers, entrepreneurs or simply hard workers like us.

Featured in:

Simple enough for anyone. 
Powerful enough for anything. 

Token Genesis

Create your own token in a few clicks: choose a logo, select a blockchain, define the tokenomics… It’s ready to be put in the hands of your community.

Your Own NFT Printer

Release your own NFTs without any technical skills. You choose the name, the design and the blockchain — we do the heavy lifting. 

Crypto Payment Processor

Monetize your content or goods on the blockchain and get paid in crypto (simple or recurring).

Membership Space for Exclusive Content

Organize your own Patreon-like membership space: upload videos, pictures and files only accessible to NFTs holders – or in exchange for your own token.

Crypto Store

Build a dedicated shop for your community in just a few clicks. Create rarity by allowing NFT holders to acquire certain goods! You can call it the Shopify of the Blockchain

Integrations for 

Web 2.0 and 3.0

Let the app talk with all your online tools. Connect with the web 2.0 and web 3.0 to express your full creativity potential — possibilities are endless.

We Built Unity For : 

First Unity will focus on blockchain build on Solidity or Eth-VM. 

Then we plan to open to other blockchains like Solana. 

Our Roadmap for 

Crypto Mass Adoption

Step #1

Awareness, NFT and Presales

▸   Raise awareness around the project
▸   Get 100k subscribers over our social platforms
▸   Join forces with creators as advisors or early adopters
▸   Design and Mint the NFT cards
▸   Private presale of the token for NFT holders Only

Step #2

IDO, Listing and Launch

▸   Official UNITY token IDO
▸   Token release for NFT  holders
▸   Public release of the UNITY app
▸   Add liquidity to DEX like Uniswap and Sushiswap
▸   Listing on major CEX like KuCoin, and AscendEX
▸   Get 10 major influencers (5M+ followers) on board as partners

Step #3

Unity App Release and Massive Adoption

▸   Public release of the key features (Token Genesis, NFT Printer)
▸   Enable integrations with widely used marketing tools
▸   Listing on mainstream exchanges like Binance, FTX, OKEx
▸   Launch the 20 first projects from the waiting list
▸   Reach 100 community projects launched on the platform

In short:

Join the first step 

of the Project by Getting one of 

the 7777 NFTs 

▸   Priority access to the presale : NFT holders can buy Unity tokens before the public launch at a lower price!

▸   Voting rights and governance : You get a say in the next decisions of the platform, and will ultimately shape the future of Unity.

▸   Early access to new features : Gain access to the Token Genesis, the NFT Printer and much, much more… Before everyone else!

▸   Reduced fees : You will automatically pay lower fees on all tools of the platform. Perfect for creators and influencers!

▸   Boosted staking rewards : Enjoy better stacking rewards just by holding the NFT in your wallet!

▸   Access to a private community : Connect with like-minded individuals and get tips and tricks from the community.